Population Health - Risk Adjusted Panel Tool

Technology #2016-477

The Establishment of primary care provider panels is a complex and difficult process. This process is made all the more difficult in the transition from fee-for service to value-based reimbursement. One of the primary focuses of value-based reimbursement is documenting the overall care of a patient, and a major component of this is assigning each patient to a primary care provider. Mayo Clinic investigators have developed a software tool that ensures that all patients are accounted for in quality metrics. This software also possesses the ability to quantify the complexity of each patient’s care and relate this to the amount of time that a primary care provider has available to generate weighted panel sizes. Weighted panel sizes ensure that providers see an optimal number of patients and are also useful in new patient panel assignment. This tool has the capability to track and account for quality metrics and to use this information to guide practice improvements.