Computer Based Antimicrobial Monitoring Program

Technology #2016-423

Antimicrobial therapy can be a complex field, in which suboptimal regimens can result in ineffective treatment or development of microbial resistance. Proper antimicrobial stewardship involves not only tracking patients throughout treatment, but also documentation of treatment outcomes for future reference. This stewardship process is difficult to manage and time-consuming. Mayo Clinic investigators have developed software designed to optimize the management of antimicrobial therapy and detect potentially suboptimal treatments. This software captures and utilizes all data relevant to antimicrobial therapy to determine best course of treatment and flag potentially harmful interactions. Relevant data from all hospitalized patients can be run through this software to determine which patients may benefit from antimicrobial intervention and suggest treatment options. This software can be utilized to determine proper dosage, length of therapeutic intervention and potential toxicity issues before they arise. In addition, data recorded in this system can be utilized to generate antibiograms (required by regulatory standards) and also in population health studies.