Digital Rounding with Translation Services

Technology #2016-216

Rounding is an essential part of the hospital experience, but it can be difficult for patients and families to process information in real time, even when a provider organizes takes care to explain medical information in plain language. This is all the more challenging when a patient (and their family) speaks a non-native language. Mayo Clinic investigators have developed a structured format for care teams to document rounding conversations and have them translated soon after rounds for patient and family reference. This system is particularly well suited for patients that do not speak the native language of the institution that is providing their care. Non-native speakers can use this tool to review rounding information and share concerns with their family members and providers. This enhanced communication between patients and providers could potentially eliminate the need for care conferences and improve a patient’s overall experience. This improvement in experience can aid in satisfying value-based reimbursement requirements, thereby potentially reducing a ~2% loss in reimbursement that could potentially be incurred by Medicare.