Business Enhancement Analytics Tool (BEAT)

Technology #2015-124

Business Enhancement Analytics Tool (BEAT) is a novel, real-time, cloud-based data analytics platform with multiple functionalities and end users. BEAT has solved hundreds of business cases by unlocking and leveraging data. It can be used on its own but also as a complementary solution for other existing business intelligence frameworks. BEAT offers a variety of functionality that on a high level can be grouped into the following: 1) Typical Business Intelligence Functionality; 2) Allowing the Functionality of Automatic Processing using scheduling; 3) Providing the Functionality of combing multiple Profile outputs into one; 4) Real Time Data Processing, as well as Batch Processing, depending on the Business Needs; 5) “Empowering the end user” to perform all the above mentioned Functionality without Involvement of IT; 6) Security; 7) Self-Measurement