SR4G Transgenic Zebrafish (Stress Response Reporter Model)

Technology #2014-148

The SR4G transgenic zebrafish stress response reporter line utilizes a tandem array of glucocorticoid response element sequences to drive expression of a short half-life green fluorescent protein when bound by active glucocorticoid receptors. High-resolution imaging and qRT-PCR have been used to characterized the spatiotemporal responses of this reporter line following exposure to exogenous glucocorticoid receptor ligands and physiological stressors. Both pharmacological and genetic approaches have been used to validate that the observed responses are dependent on glucocorticoid receptor signaling.
Useful for: The potential applications of the SR4G transgenic zebrafish stress response reporter line are very diverse and may be found in research, healthcare, and education settings. Applications include: Screening pharmaceuticals for direct or indirect moderators of glucocorticoid receptor signaling and stress Environmental toxicology screening Investigating the role of glucocorticoid receptor signaling in disease models; Studying genetic modifiers of glucocorticoid receptor signaling; Researching modifiers of glucocorticoid receptor signaling such as drugs of abuse.

PMID: 24679220