Enhancing the Accuracy, Efficiency and Retention of Reading by Health Care Providers Using Electronic Medical Record Systems to Improve the Safety, Effectiveness and Value of Health Care Services

Technology #2014-031

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Randall C. Walker M.D.
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Seth T. Eisenman
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US Patent Pending

This technology applies and integrates significant, computationally intensive reading tools into electronic medical records (EMR) systems to enhance medical reading performance by individuals who, in any other context, would not be aware of or concerned about their reading performance compared to their peers in their working group. The technology includes:

1. A medical language database enrichment process.
2. A complex sentence-structure extraction process.
3. Medical text analysis.
4. Enrichment of standard medical text, on demand.
5. Displays enriched text with additional visual attributes and other tags for features for improved reading performance and retention.
6. A text-display electronic medical records-graphical user interface (EMR-GUI) integration process to permit the user to combine reading activities with other data usage and input in the EMR with appropriate accuracy and efficiency.
7. A user-monitoring process.

This technology is part of a package of technologies including Mayo Case Numbers 2009-089 and 2012-185.