Generation of Immortalized Osteocytes From Bone of Sclerostin Knockout and Wild-type Mice

Technology #2013-287

Researchers at Mayo Clinic have generated immortalized osteocytes derived from sclerostin (Sost-/-) knock out and wild-type (Sost+/+) mice. Clonal populations of cells were immortalized with SV40 T-antigen-containing viral constructs and maintained on collagen coated plates. Clone 8 (derived from Sost knock out mice) and clone 12 (derived from Sost wild-type mice) expressed mRNAs for Fgf-23, Dmp-1, E-11, Phex, MEPE, osteocalcin and Runx-2. Clone 8 cells did not express Sost mRNA,whereas clone 12 cells expressed Sost mRNA.