Monoclonal Ab 7F18: Binding the constant region of Human T Cell Receptor alpha-chain

Technology #2013-082

Antigen specific recognition is involved in adaptive immune responses. Most T lymphocytes express an antigen specific αβ T Cell Receptor (TCR) responsible for recognizing its ligand (peptide/MHC) and responding through various effector functions. In an attempt to better understand TCR function, extensive efforts have been placed in discerning the structural and biochemical makeup of the TCR. Protein biochemistry can benefit from the use of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Western Blot analysis (WB) is used to identify and characterize TCR proteins, although mAbs have not yet been generated to detect all subunits within the human TCR complex. The generation of such mAbs would enable better experiments and insight into TCR structure, and help provide the biochemical framework to design more effective T cell specific immunotherapies. Given the necessity for these reagents, we have generated a mAb that specifically recognizes the constant region of the human TCR α chain.