Automating Colonoscopy Follow-up to Facilitate Appropriate Colonoscopy Screening and Survellance Intervals

Technology #2013-055

This is an innovative software application that will process clinical variables pertinent to determining colonoscopy follow up intervals for each patient undergoing colonoscopy. This patient management algorithms improves the ability of health care providers to provide high-quality care for patients and to identify appropriate intervals between and timing for the first colon cancer examination. This is a real time application that is able to collate and synthesis multiple features relevant to both screening and surveillance recommendations for colorectal cancer prevention. These variables (including current and prior colon examination, pathology, colon prep quality, family history of cancers and personal medical history) are processed through an innovative guideline-based and Mayo clinic-vetted consensus decision tree that is able to generate real time recommendations for interval surveillance and identification of timing for first colon screenings in both average and high risk individuals. The recommendations will then be shared with the ordering physician, the performing endoscopist and the patient. A tickler function will notify the primary health care provider and the patient when another colon exam is indicated. The guideline will also incorporate genetic and tissue markers developed for to help predict the optimum time frame between colon exams and the risk of colon polyps developing in the future.