Advances in Text Analysis and Display for the EMR

Technology #2012-185

This technology includes a suite of patents which advance text enhancement methods and apparatus for the presentation of text for improved human reading for the electronic medical record (EMR). The method includes extracting text specific attributes from machine readable text and varying the text presentation in accordance with the attributes.

Suite of patents include:
-US Patent 5,802,533 “Text processor”
-US Patent 6,279,017 “Method and apparatus for displaying text based upon attributes found within the text”
-US Patent 7,036,075 “Reading product fabrication methodology”
-US Patent 7,765,471 “Method for enhancing text by applying sets of folding and horizontal displacement rules”
-US Publication 2015-0286618 A1: “Sentence parsing correction system”

This technology is part of a package of technologies including Mayo Case Numbers 2009-089 and 2014-031.