Brachytherapy Co-delivery Improvements

Technology #2012-182

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Stephen D. Cassivi M.D.
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Susan B. Mikell
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Lung cancer is the leading couse of cancer deaths in the United States. Lobectomy is the gold standard extent of resection for most lung cancers, but some patients are poor candidates for lobectomy due to poor pulmonary health/function and/or other comorbities. Sublobar resection, the removal of less than a lobe of the lung, is a compromise procedure for these patients in that it allows for the removal of the cancerous lesion with less volume of lung removed in order to preserve lung function as much as is possible. Sublobar resections however are plagued with an increased risk of local recurrence. Sublobar resection with brachytherapy seed placement is gaining acceptance as a therapy in lung cancer patients with comorbidities precluding lobectomy. Existing methods of brachytherapy seed placement are cumbersome, time-consuming and may not reliably and precisely deliver seed to the resection margin. Mayo Clinic researches have developed an idea to improve brachytherapy seed placement allowing simultaneously delivered adjuvant brachytherapy with a staple line in sublobar lung resections.