Mouse Monoclonal Antibody 6F8 for the Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein 1 (LRP1)

Technology #2012-093

Background LRP1 is a ubiquitously expressed receptor that mediates rapid endocytosis of various ligands. By modulating the trafficking of other signaling receptors, LRP1 plays a significant role in the central nervous system and peripheral tissue. It is thought that malfunction of the LRP1-related pathway is a causal factor of cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s disease. Thus, there is tremendous interest in understanding the biological and pathological functions of LRP1 because of its clinic and diagnostic utility.

Technology Description Previous LRP1 antibodies lack reactivity and specificity for LRP1 in multiple species. To overcome these limitations, Mayo Clinic researchers have generated a mouse monoclonal LRP1 antibody 6F8, which has good reactivity to both human and mouse LRP1. This antibody can be used in multiple techniques, including western blotting and immunostainning.