Genetics Supply and Inventory Management System

Technology #2012-079

The Genetics Supply and Inventory Management System is a full laboratory inventory management software solution built in Microsoft Access Database. gSIMS provides automation of most inventory management aspects, including supply receipt, reagent lot tracking, expiration notification, stocking instruments, reagent labeling, inventory reconciliation, reagent quality assessment, and real-time metrics capture. This system reduces labeling discrepancies, errors in item receipt, miscommunication between user groups with respect to inventory status, and loss of data. It also eliminates the use of reagents past their expiration date, allows for substantial paper reduction, makes inventory processing more accurate and less time consuming. With gSIMS, the laboratory now has a complete listing of all stocked items, and all items are now received based upon a predefined list of receipt items by a centralized group of users. Users are automatically notified if a supply requires evaluation before clinical use, and the evaluation is performed electronically. All laboratory users now have access to inventory related data, including current supply state, historical data, real-time metrics of items received, items queued for evaluation, and evaluation results. Electronic reports can now automatically be generated for items nearing expiration and other important notices that was not possible with a paper system.

gSIMS is currently deployed in a biotech laboratory setting, but may have utility in any inventory management setting with modifications.