Shear Wave Elastography with Traditional Ultrasound Imagers

Technology #2012-057

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Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Elastography (CUSE)Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Elastography (CUSE)
James F. Greenleaf Ph.D.
Heng Zhao Ph.D.
Pengfei Song
Shigao Chen Ph.D.
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Barb J. Keller
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Shear wave is used to evaluate tissue visco-elasticity, which are sensitive biomarkers of pathology. In order to obtain a 2D ultrasound elastography, an ultrafast imager with a FRAME rate of several kHz is required to capture the fast moving shear waves. This is not feasible with traditional ultrasound imagers with a frame rate of less than 100 Hz where 2D images are formed LINE BY LINE.

This disclosure enables a traditional line imager for 2D shear wave elastography. Parallel beam forming will be used to track motions at several locations (4 or more) from one single transmission. Sets of parallel tracking beams will be translated across a large 2D region repeatedly to capture shear wave within the 2D region over multiple time instances. This 3D data set is then used to produce a 2D elastography. The small time difference of among the sets of tracking beams is accounted for in processing. This disclosure allows a traditional imager to produce 2D elastography.