Inhibitors of the Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (STAT3) Pathway and Their Uses

Technology #2012-055

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David J. Daniels MD, Ph.D.
Timothy E. Peterson
Ian F. Parney M.D., Ph.D., NS
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Jon H. Behringer
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Background Transcription factor STAT3 plays an active role in the initiation and proliferation of malignant brain tumors. Thus, small molecule STAT3 inhibitors have potential as therapeutic agents for malignant gliomas as well as other STAT3-dependent tumors.

Technology Description Mayo Clinic Researchers have synthesized a series of novel compounds to block the STAT3 pathway. These preliminary data show potent inhibition of the STAT3 pathway in malignant glioma cells. These small molecules are selective, easy to synthesize and ultimately may hold promise as novel chemotherapeutic agents.

Stage of Development Seven novel compounds have been synthesized. Two of them have been tested in brain tumor cells and have shown to be potent STAT3 phosphorylation inhibitors. Six compounds will be synthesized in the future.

Intellectual Property US Provisional Application