The "Weighted Deaver Retractor"

Technology #2012-051

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Timothy A. Harshman
Raymond R. Phelps
Steven R. Jurrens
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Susan B. Mikell
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US Patent Pending

The Weighted Deaver Retractor was designed in response to surgeon and patient needs for a more ergonomic and efficient tool to be used during gynecological or urological surgery. The current deaver retractor on the market now requires a surgical assistant to grasp and retract to allow for increased visibility for the surgeon. Presently, the deaver retractor being used today cannot hold retraction posteriorly by itself. We have designed the Weighted Deaver Retractor which allows for adding weight to the posterior end of the retractor which provides for hands free use. We have also redesigned the anterior end of the Weighted Deaver to allow for a broader view of the surgical field. Preliminary testing in procedures with a working prototype has met with positive reviews from our surgeons.