Technology #2011-249

TB-ELISPOT is an optimized Interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA) that accurately detects latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI). This novel TB-ELISPOT method incorporate research-grade technology to enhance antigen-specific activation of T-cells by utilizing co-stimulatory antibodies and best antigen stimulation conditions (48 hrs) in a multiparametric platform that compare specific M. tuberculosis (RD1-derivated peptides) antigens with non-specific antigens routinely used in clinical testing (PPD), and negative and positive internal controls. TB-ELISPOT has also been validated to be used with fresh and frozen PBMC samples, which make it an attractive method for referral laboratories. TB-ELISPOT diagnostic performance showed an area under the curve of ROC of 0.98 to accurately differentiate healthy donors from highly suspected LTBI cases. TB-ELISPOT can detect suspected false negative IGRA results of other available method (e.g. QuantiFERON TB Gold In Tube® -QFT-).