Processed Acellular Nerve Allograft

Technology #2011-226

The segmental loss of peripheral nerve may result from open or closed extremity trauma, resection of benign or malignant primary nerve tumors, or limb-sparing tumor surgery. Currently available reconstructive options include vascularized and conventional (nonvascularised) nerve autografts, nerve conduits from a variety of materials, nerve allografts and nerve transfer. Of these, autografting remains the gold standard. However, expendible autogenous nerves are limited in length, diameter and number which limits their ability to reconstruct segmental loss of major peripheral nerves.

A possible alternative to nerve autograftng is the use of processed or acellular nerve allografts which are readily available. Using a proprietary process, we have demonstrated a similar efficiency for motor nerve regeneration between auto and allografts in rats after 16 weeks recovery time.