Calcium Phosphate Coatings on Porous 3-Dimensional Polypropylene Fumarate Scaffolds

Technology #2011-097

Polypropylene fumarate (PPF) is a biodegradable polyester that can be fabricated into any 3-dimensional structure via stereolithography, and implanted to stabilize bone defects while regenerating bone infiltrates, degrades, and ulitimately replaces the PPF scaffold. In order to increase the PPF scaffolds ability to promote bone regeneration the scaffolds were coated with three calcium phosphate coatings in compostions similar to that of native bone. These include 1) b-tricalcium magnesium phosphate, 2)synthetic bone mineral a.k.a. b-tricalcium phosphate with Si, Mg, and F ions, 3)carbonate hydoxyapatite 80:20 blend with tricalcium phosphate. Preliminary investigations show that these coatings increase the scaffold osteoconductivity.