SIMS--Supply Information Management System

Technology #2011-073

Technology Description
Hospitals and surgery centers face significant cost pressure when it comes to maintaining materials and supplies. With supply costs representing a significant expense in surgical services, close and careful monitoring is needed to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Developed at Mayo Clinic, the Supply Inventory Management System (SIMS) is a comprehensive program for effective materials management. SIMS functionality includes the ability to provide expense reporting, supply ordering, patient billing, vendor information, surgeon preference, case cart ordering, item usage information, repair tracking, departmental reports, FDA reporting, implant tracking functions, and more. Usage reports can be created by physician, procedure, or specialty area. The system is designed for ease of use in all procedural areas, supports bar-coding and UDI, and can be fully integrated with EMR systems. Use of this system allows improved benchmarking, reporting, price management, QA, automated patient charging, and inventory management and control, ultimately leading to cost savings.

Computerized system designed to maintain lists of medical surgical supplies and instruments needed to perform a surgical procedure, to manage basic inventory functions, and to provide the reporting capabilities needed for effective materials management

Stage of Development
The Supply Inventory Management System has been implemented at Mayo Clinic. Implementation of SIMS has led to significant annual cost savings, more accurate capture of patient charges at the point of use, minimized expired or obsolete inventory, and improved management of unneeded supply expenses.

Intellectual Property
Existing software in use at Mayo Clinic

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