Mesenchymal Stem Cell Space Occupying Composite

Technology #2011-060

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Allan B. Dietz Ph.D.
William A. Faubion M.D.
Eric J. Dozois M.D.
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Tim D. Argo
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A significant hindrance to wound healing in both previously healthy individuals or those with penetrating Crohn’s disease is the presence of “dead space” as a result of pockets of inflammatory or infectious material. Keeping this dead space adequately drained and free from infection/inflammation throughout the healing process is a significant challenge resulting in significant cost and patient morbidity. A great advancement in the management of “dead space” would be a biocompatible filler, capable of precisely conforming to the complex form of the dead space; yet engineered to fix in place to firmly occupy space. The addition of the potently immunoregulatory and reparative MSC (mesenchymal stem cell) to the biocompatible filler will result in a space occupying matrix with potent wound healing potential. A practical example of this concept is the common clinical problem of the non-healing Crohn’s related perianal fistula. Two key components are required for the healing of Crohn’s fistulae, adequate drainage of infection and the addition of anti-Crohn’s medical therapy. Despite accomplishing both goals, complete healing is possible in less than half the cases. This invention describes a combination of cells and a fixative matrix. The cells are added to matrix and the combination applied to the affected area. The fixative matrix can either be solid matrix or matrix capable of solidifing after addition to the damaged tissue.