Biocompatible Polycaprolactone Fumarate (PCLF) Formulations

Technology #2011-001

PCLF is currently about to enter clinical trials as a nerve conduit for guiding nerve regeneration across segmental defects. Unlike previous PCLF formulations that lead to the toxic small molecule diethylene glycol in concentrations exceeding the FDA limit, this invention utilizes 1,2 propanediol or glycerol as the initiators for the polymerization of PCL multi-alcohols as necessary for the synthesis of PCLF. These small molecules are approved for addition to food and drugs, and changes the degradation products of the polymers to comply with FDA regulations. In addition to altering the degradation products, glycerol initiated PCL has a different molecular architecture with three polymeric branches resulting in a molecular architecture of PCLF not previously reported with lower melting points and an increased flexibility of the resulting nerve conduit.