Conical Slant Hole Collimator for Real-Time Radio-Guided Breast Biopsy

Technology #2010-299

Molecular breast imaging (MBI) is a molecular imaging technique that can be used for the detection of breast cancer. MBI can detect breast tumors not visible on mammography or ultrasound. MBI images usually take 5-10 minutes to acquire 1 view. A slant-hole collimator can be used to estimate tumor depth and enable tumor biopsy using a radiolabeled guide. However, the long imaging time of 5-10 minutes to check and re-check the relative position of the tumor and imaging guide extends the time required to do the biopsy, and effectively makes it impractical to use clinically. The proposed conical slant-hole collimator achieves a 10-20 fold increase in sensitivity, allowing rapid verification of the location of the tumor and guide. A unique display scheme provides the radiologist with real-time feedback on the location of the tumor and guide.