Adjustable Fastening and Constriction Device

Technology #2010-294

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Matthew T. Gettman M.D.
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Susan B. Mikell
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In laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RP), the pedicle is transected, but care must be taken to preserve the adjacent neurovascular bundle. Electrocautery or other hemostatic energy sources are not used due to concerns over collateral thermal damage, adhesives or sutures alone have not been shown to provide reliable hemostatis, and existing clips can be difficult to place and adjust. A Mayo Clinic investigator has designed a device to allow for adjustable and removable (if desired) application of clips for controlling hemostasis of the vascularr pedicles in RP. These clips may also be useful in hysterectomy and other surgical procedures where an adjustable clip would be desired. A patent application has been filed.