A Simple Device and Method for Measuring Ocular Counter Roll

Technology #2010-233

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David A. Zapala Ph.D.
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Susan B. Mikell
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US Patent Pending

The inner ear vestibular system reflexively controls eye position in the orbits. For example, when the head is tilted to the side (ear moved toward the shoulder) the eyes roll in the opposite direction so that they stay oriented to the horizon. This eye movement is called head tilt induced ocular counter roll and is mediated in part by the otolith organs of the vascular system. Damage to these otolith reflexes can cause complaints of dizziness or imbalance that is difficult to diagnose without sophisticated and extensive measurement equipment. As a consequence, these disorders are often missed. This invention is a simple device consisting of a calibrated viewing tube, spirit level system and visual target stimuli and a measurement method that can be used in the exam room to quantify ocular counter roll behavior, and thus detect otolith mediated causes of dizziness and imbalance.