SDUV with Interlaced Push and Detect Pulses

Technology #2010-108

SDUV is a non-invasive ultrasound technology that can qualify tissue stiffness and viscosity, which are sensitive indexes of pathology such as liver fibrosis. SDUV uses one long push toneburst of ultrasound followed by multiple detect pulses to generate and detect shear waves in tissue. Shear wave propagation information is used to estimate tissue stiffness and viscosity. The push-detect sequence is usually repeated several times to increase SNR. Tissue motion is weak in SDUV due to FDA limit on ultrasound intensity of the push beam. The push duration can be extended to increase tissue motion. However, push toneburst that is too long can interfere with subsequent detect pulses and introduce errors. Also measurement of motion during push cannot be done. In this disclosure, we propose a solution: multiple short push toneburst are used to emulate one long PUSH toneburst; and detect pulses are inserted between short push toneburst to enable measurement during and after PUSH.