Intravascular Ultrasound Detection of Vasa Vasorum Blood Flow Distribution in Artery Wall

Technology #2010-038

The individual cross-sectional images along the arteries were analyzed individually by creating a Region-of-Interest (ROI) that encompassed the vessel wall. To ensure that the entire arterial wall was included into the ROI, the radius of the lumen ® was measured, which was used as the width of the annular ROI surrounding the arterial lumen (12). By creating a binary image of the punctate ChromaFlo® pixel cross-sections it was possible to calculate the total number of red pixels within the ROI, representing blood flow within the vessel wall, i.e., vasa vasorum. The number of red pixels (per mm2) was then plotted as a function of axial distance along the coronary artery, thereby creating a vasa vasorum density profile along the axial length of the coronary artery.