Method for Ultrasound Catherer Guidance Using Doppler Image Interference Signals

Technology #2009-278

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Marek Belohlavek M.D., Ph.D.
Eileen M. McMahon Ph.D.
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Matthew K. Ennis
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US Patent Pending

Specific and highly sensitive ultrasound localization of catheter placement can be accomplished by use of a catheter navigation crystal with an active (vibrating) element whose ultrasonic signal interferes with the ultrasound imaging signal as the latter propagates with each transmitted bearn though issue. The interference signal (caused by the crystal) occurs directly within the Doppler image as a color pattern allowing localization of the transmitting crystal within the Doppler image. Additionally, the amplitude of the interference pattern is proportional to the distance of the crystal from the scan plan, allowing visual (and/or audio) navigation of the crystal towards the imaging plane. This method is accomplished using available ultrasound equipment and does not require major engineering efforts.