Automated Vessel Region Separation for MRA Images

Technology #2009-275

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Daniel J. Blezek Ph.D.
Bradley J. Erickson M.D., Ph.D.
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Barb J. Keller
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US Patent Pending

Technology Description
Neuroradiologists’ ability to successfully interpret MR angiography images is enhanced when projection images called Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) renderings are independently generated for the three main vascular structures in the head. Currently, this process is performed manually by the MR technician immediately following the acquisition of an MR angiography series. Though straightforward, this process takes approximately 10 minutes or more per patient. With increasing demands on radiology departments, efficiency improvements in clinical workflows can improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs. Mayo Clinic researchers have developed an algorithm that automatically determines which vascular region a voxel belongs to, and generates MIP renderings of each of the three main vascular regions, thereby reducing technician time and improving workflow efficiency.

An automated method for determining vascular regions in MR angiography images of the head and neck.

Stage of Development
A validated beta version of the software has been developed. Further optimization is on-going.

Yang X, et al. Computer-aided detection of intracranial aneurysms in MR angiography. J Digit Imaging. 2011. Feb; 24(1): 86-95.