Inversion Recovery with Embedded Self-Calibration

Technology #2008-315

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Stephen J. Riederer Ph.D.
Ek T. Tan
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Seth T. Eisenman
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Parallel imaging can be applied to further reduce acquisition times. To do so, coil sensativities have to be determined. One option is to use self-or-auto calibrated methods which in general use unaccelerated sampling in some central region of the otherwise undersampled k-space. However, the fraction of acquisition time devoted to calibration can be substantial, particularly in high acceleration factors, resulting in reduced net acceleration. Although a seperate calibration acquisition may be made, the additional scan time can reduce the overall efficiency of the MRI examination. Means for performing self-calibration while retaining the mominal acceleration factor was devised. The method described, referred to as Inversion Recovery with Embedded Self-calibration acquisitions within the delay intervals of inversion recovery sequences.