Virtual Microscope for Inputting Digital Pathology Images on a Display

Technology #2008-229

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Jared M. Orrock M.D.
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Susan B. Mikell
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US Patent Pending

Computer input devices are claimed for use in manipulating digital images on a display apparatus in, for example, medical diagnostics. A computer input device as claimed may be particularly useful for manipulation of one or more digital images such as, for example, digital histological images, including but not limited to images of a microscopic tissue section.

Manipulation of digital histological images using a mouse and computer keyboard interface may be challenging due to, for example, the location of controls that may not be familiar or intuitive to a pathologist. Further, simultaneous manipulation of, for example, focus and magnification of very large images may not be possible with traditional computer interface devices (e.g., mouse, computer keyboard, etc.).

A device as claimed in the patent increases efficiency in making diagnoses on digital histological images by decreasing time per diagnosis, and increasing ease of implementation by pathologists. In some embodiments, the computer input device may generally resemble a traditional light microscope and may include controls that are analogous to controls used in traditional light microscopy. In some embodiments, the computer input device may include additional controls that may provide additional functionality. In some embodiments, the computer input device may have one or more duplicate controls, such that the device may be operated in a similar manner by either left-handed users and/or right-handed users.