Novel Neurotransmitter Transport Blocking Compounds

Technology #2007-163

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Elliott Richelson M.D.
Abdul H. Fauq Ph.D.
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Jon H. Behringer
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The invention is a series of compounds that block the human transporters for serotonin (hSERT), norepinephrine (hNET), and dopamine (hDAT). Compounds of this series are “triple re-uptake inhibitors” that can be grouped as follows based on their rank-order of potency and affinity at the 3 transporters: 1) potent antagonist of hSERT, hNET, and hDAT with affinity rankings of hSERT (greater than or equal to) hNET (greater than or equal to) hDAT and 2) potent antagonists of hSERT, hNET, and hDAT with affinity rankings of hDAT (greater than or equal to) hSERT (greater than or equal to) hNET. These compounds are potential antidepressants and potential drugs for treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder. For additional details, please see U.S. Patents 8,440,724 and 8,507,500.