Automatic Metal Artifact Reduction from Reformatted Virtual Radiographs in Multi-Slice Helical CT

Technology #2007-123

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Cynthia H. McCollough Ph.D.
Lifeng Yu Ph.D.
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Barb J. Keller
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Metal implants are common in patients receiving CT examinations, which can produce artifacts that can significantly degrade the diagnostic value of the image. We have developed a method to reduce the metal artifacts in multi-slice helical CT. This method is based upon the virtual radiographs (VR) created from the helical projection data for each view angle. Automatic segmentation and removal of the metal content are performed on each VR. The corrected projection data are then used for image reconstruction. The main advantage, and inventive step, of this method is that both the segmentation of the metal projections and the interpolations are performed on the complete VR data with the entire metal region present, making the technique more accurate and robust than those based upon narrow-beam projections.