Hardware Prescription: System and Method for Providing Hospital Quality Medical Care for Home-Based and Mobile Patients. (1) Prescription-Customized Medical Hardware, and (2) the Intelligent Medical Cabinet

Technology #2005-002

A “hardware prescription” comprises (a) re-configurable pieces(s) of hardware (including the PCMH, or prescription-customized medical hardware, that is attached in some way to the patient; and the IMC, or intelligent medical cabinet, that doles out the correct amount and types of medicines based on the patient’s progression) that afford(s) the medical care provider flexibility in managing patient care when the patient has left the direct care and supervision of a hospital, clinical or even outpatient setting. Powering the hardware prescription is a “recipe book” for “conditional care” that maps an initial prescription into the most likely future prescriptions of both hardware and pharmaceuticals according to the patient’s needs and conditions. The most likely hardware configurations for the PCMH are accommodated through the physical hardware that is sent home with the patient, while the most likely future pharmaceutical needs of the patient are sent home in the IMC.