Packaging for High Power Integrated Circuits Using Supercritical Fluid

Technology #2004-286

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Barry K. Gilbert Ph.D.
Wendy L. Wilkins
Bruce R. Kline
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Tim D. Argo
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US Patent Pending

This invention is a completely self-contained and encapsulated “package” into which a high power integrated circuit (“chip”) such as an amplifier, or an entire subsystem (such as a radar “transmit-receive” module), can be installed to provide the necessary thermal and electrical environment to assure that the chip or multi-chip subsystem works correctly. The packaging approach not only assures that DC electrical power will be delivered to the chip(s) and AC signals will be brought into and led from the chip(s)in a correct manner, but also that the operating temperature of the chip(s) will remain below their maximum survivable operating temperature. This packaging approach is especially suitable for very high power density chips that operate at dissipation levels exceeding 100 Watts per square centimeter. The cooling approach uses a non-electrically conductive working fluid to create an isothermal environment for the chip(s) inside the package and to transfer heat to a “cold plate” or “cold pipe”.