Detection of Shear Waves Using Pulse Echo Ultrasound with Kalman Filtering

Technology #2004-237

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James F. Greenleaf Ph.D.
Xiaoming Zhang Ph.D.
Randall R. Kinnick
Shigao Chen Ph.D.
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Barb J. Keller
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US Patent Pending

The present invention detects the harmonic motion of vibro-acoustography using pulse echo ultrasound and several signal processing methods. The invention estimates the amplitude and phase of the motion at a desired location within a tissue region with a high sensitivity. The tissue harmonic motion generated by the ultrasound radiation force of vibro-acoustography is presented as oscillatory Doppler shift in repetitive ultrasound pulse echoes. The amplitude and phase of the motion represented in the echoes are estimated by several methods including a method using the Kalman filter for minimizing estimation error.