Transmission Matrix De-embedding/Two-Tier Calibration Methods for Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Measurement

Technology #2002-103

We present a method for performing de-embedding (or equivalently, second-tier calibration) of vector network analyzer (VNA) measurements allowing for very accurate measurement to reference planes beyond those of a first tier calibration. The method has been proven to be useful up to very high frequencies (at least 110 GHz) and eliminates many of the complexities and limitations associated with traditional calibration and de-embedding methods. The method involves measurement of one simple structure (a “THRU”) in addition to measurement of the devices of interest. De-embedding can be done either through post-processing (as has been implemented and demonstrated) or through appropriate modification of VNA calibration coefficients, eliminating the need for post-processing. Key Characteristics: Proven at frequencies up to 200 GHz. Minimized wafer test space (i.e. a symmetric single THRU structure). Supports most on-wafer or off-wafer calibration methods. Technology Status: Firm/Hard - Active code demonstrated and validated across multiple measurements.